Jackson Purchase Rifle & Pistol Club

P. O. Box 862

Paducah, KY 42002-0862




The Jackson Purchase Rifle and Pistol Club supports multiple disciplines:

They are Charity Matches, Pepper Popper/Steel Plates, Cowboy Action, Hi-Power Rifle, M-1 Garand, Metallic Silhouette, and Vintage Military Rifle

You can learn more about each discipline by following their links below:



Black Powder

Pepper Popper/Steel Plates

Charity Matches

Cowboy Action

Hi-Power Rifle

Juniors Sports

Metallic Silhouette

Vintage Rifle


Discipline Chairmen:

Bench Rest Rifle: Darell Holcombe 618-524-5325

Big Bore Silhouette: Jerry Stringham 618-521-3413

Pepper Popper & Bowling Pin: Mike Jones 270-554-5833

Cowboy Action: Richard Black 270-554-1505

Hi-Power Rifle: George Reynolds 270-443-2864

Silhouette: Lee Jackson 270-492-8303

Vintage Military Rifle: Ricky Emerson 270-462-3794

NRA Representative: Todd Johnson